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First track from new Album - TFL Vol.1 Album from Moolakii Club Audio Interface 

I’m very proud to present, TFL Vol.1. A unique concept album comprised of music made from a group of my peers in production sound, based off recordings of the London Underground. Each artist was assigned a specific line from the TFL, went out & made theyre own unique recordings of that line, & then used those recordings to make an original piece of music.
My contribution is track #7 “Stoltz - Central Undersound”, based on recordings of the central line, one of my local commuter links, & is notorious for being incredibly loud & pressured.
This track is also the first public presentation of music from my forthcoming new album “Stoltz - Futopia” which I’ll be releasing later this year.
Proceeds from this album will be donated to charity.


So, I dug out a random little project from a while ago with my VJ, its a little Video we put together for Miskin cut from the many hours of VJ footage we took from gigs, enjoy :)