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First track from new Album - TFL Vol.1 Album from Moolakii Club Audio Interface 

I’m very proud to present, TFL Vol.1. A unique concept album comprised of music made from a group of my peers in production sound, based off recordings of the London Underground. Each artist was assigned a specific line from the TFL, went out & made theyre own unique recordings of that line, & then used those recordings to make an original piece of music.
My contribution is track #7 “Stoltz - Central Undersound”, based on recordings of the central line, one of my local commuter links, & is notorious for being incredibly loud & pressured.
This track is also the first public presentation of music from my forthcoming new album “Stoltz - Futopia” which I’ll be releasing later this year.
Proceeds from this album will be donated to charity.

New Musicy Sounds 

Its been a while's, but belive it or not, some actual new Stoltz music most certainly in the works, with a definitive presentation soon. until the soon, the work continues in the dark. Check out the newly posted Insta-jams link at the top of the page! 


So, I dug out a random little project from a while ago with my VJ, its a little Video we put together for Miskin cut from the many hours of VJ footage we took from gigs, enjoy :)


One by One - Original Motion picture Score Album  

After 3 long years of work, One by One is finally seeing the light of day in a limited preview showing on Wednesday 15th of January at the Fire Station theater over in Windsor (UK). Tickets for the showing can be purchased from the Facebook Event page - One by One Preview Screening (CLICK HERE)

To coincide with the first showings, I'm proud to finally release exclusively on the stoltz website the full One by One Original Motion Picture Score Album (CLICK HERE), which is now available for listening & purchase.

Trailer for "One By One" the movie.
So... you maybe wondering "why am I here?" well, the answer lys deep in the dark noisey corners of your subconsious, & the only way there is through THIS SITE. So punk up & get stuck in coz theres an awful lot of stoltzucation between you & the truth!
Well, now that you've had your big pre-battle motivational speech, perhaps a little guide through the site would be nice? So... what will you find???

Well first up, obviously you have this, the
News Page, containing zombie synthesizers.... (well no, obviously its the news heh) you'll find any news items of cool stoltz developments & info relseased first here. Also, for all you twitties out there, you'll find the stoltz twitter box, obviously containing up to date twitts on all the random stoltzezentic stoltzications. You'll also find a link to our Calendar Page, and a very simple mailing list subscription "button" that literally just needs your e-mail address... (which will qualify you for a FREE Stoltz track straight off the bat!)

Past that, you have our
Shop Page, which of course features all our tracks available to buy.

And now to my personal favourite part of the site...
Stoltz TV (presented by Station Media, for all your electro monkey animated needs!). This quite literally has over 3 HOURS (!) First up you have our slection of Music Videos, the FULL archive of our very special featurette series, more live videos than you can shake a tree of monkeys at, the very cool & inovative 9INES Series, a cool documentary page for some special projects we produce, the (at)odds (but definately NOT)ends page of videos the malgatude collection... all in all there is a zoos worth of video content, most of which is BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE to the website!

Then we have the
blogs page, let you all know what we're thinking... doing.... eating... smelling like... yadda yadda yadda (plus a few bio like things). our calender (for live dates, music & video releases) some pictures, a page I'm very interested in... the E-village, with a forum & a guest book, so you can drop in & let us all know what ya think to the music, videos, gigs, the site, our mums, the economy, Ribena vs orange.... a direct contact page, & a few places we like to look at when we're looking at things... you guessed it.... its a links page.

Lastly guys... this site is LOADED with secret stuff we call "
stoltz eggs
". On every page (if not more) there'll be secret links to special pages that aren't obvious, & will contain lots of special cool stuff that isnt anywhere else on the site :) So keep ya eyes peeled & yoru mouse pointer... pointing sharp!

Thanks for comin... now go punk our website!

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