ssssshhh,I can hear the thumb

so, FINALLY finished the edit & mix for HAND ISLAND episode one "fucked" tonight with the ash-man.

in truth it took me WAY too long to score & edit the whole thing, wanna be quicker in furture, as its litrually taken a month of my life heh!

anyways, that ones in the can now, ready to be shot like a bean cannon!

so be sure to keep an eye peeled for the anouncment of the launch of hand island & its first episode!

also remember folks, we're gonna have the full stoltz score for hand island availible in our shop, so be sure to pop in & have a perouse... & then fucking by sommmme

so, whats next? well, for teh next 7 days i'll be humping the 9ines style HARD. gonna get em all done n dusted & ready to launch em up on the 31st of january! so be sure to check in on that day, coz they be REAL good.

past that, poos currently neck deep in editing a special "making of Warder experience". basically the production cycle of warder was WAY too long,  so instead of giving everyone a long winded explination as to why (over & over & over again) we figured it would be fun to just SHOW you why it all took so long. should be a really docu actually, ALOT of work went into warder, & the productions story had alot of twists & turns, its really suprising teh video ever saw the light of day in the first place! anyways, we'll keep you'al posted on the progress of that monkey

in the mean time, enjoy januarys next free tune in the freebies section of the shop

happy saturdays people


war fedor

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