slow n loud (a return to playing in front of people)

so, back into full gig prep mode again now, its been a LONG time! I really need to make the effort to try & find more live gigs after this one appearence. Its always takes seems like a super electro-monkey effort to shake the cobwebs off & get fluid in the live domain, its takes a LONG ass time to also prep new material for live performence aswel.

the last year & a while I've concentraited soley on score based music for film, to which I've kinda lost that bump a bit. which made this gig a little interesting to prepare for, as in the old days nearly every idea I'd have (& cultivate) would always be instantly evaulaited for its viabuility as an interesting live track, but when I look back at the material from the last year, its all score based. So thats an interesting limitation in unto itself.

I do have some newer tracks though that seem to fit the bill, "Rollback" for instance is a nice slow bumbling grumble of a piece with a really uplifting melody. "This is my work" is not a stoltz track in the classic sense, as its so slow & rather simple (both tracks mentioned are based around a 4/4 beat, which is wildly rare for me!) I have had alot of people really get into that one though, so it stands up on its own as another viable live candidate.

past that, I have a cover I've been toying with for a LONG time now, it needs work still in that have to find the arch for its structure, but the sound itself is all there. & then theres the killer app that I originally wrote for a film, but was always destined to be a single in its own right. no ones really heard it yet so it should really get people moving & into a good place.

then, theres a wild-card, a demo that takes the swing of house & just dirtys it through pulsing synths & running counter breaks. "30r" should be fun & get people moving.

past that, I'm left reviewing alot of older material thats been sat in my hardware waiting to be played. at first I was uninspired by all of it, to me its all old hat, but in reality most of it has only been played twice, maybe even 3 times at the most! so it still carrys something unique & fresh that most people havent been expossed too yet... is grunt strut dance'able??? guess we'll find out!?

the next week is gonna be a total fucking SLOG while I push the hardware to its limit squeezing as many sounds into it as possible!

speak soon electro-monkeys...


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