Set List Break('in it) down for May 22nd

sooooo been working my little whats'its socks'its off for the gig on the return gig on 22nd of may, which is slightly odd as I originally planned to just do this as a minor warm up & See how I feel about playing live again, but it seems to have ballooned very fast (in typical punk'in it fashion) into a total overhaul of stoltz'ins live! if you check on the Front door news section, in the newest tracks player you'll find another little sneek peek at a beat jam offshot that will end up in or around teh newer version of war righst live, its call "Reality Stack (war rights)"

so anyways, what I figured I'd do for teh very first (& perhaps only) time is put out the set list I expect to drop on saturday, & break it down, some thoughts on the tracks & how they're shaping up for a good live rump! so here goes... 

Life of an anologue Monster  - This is THE new live track for me. it came out of nowhere & I pretty much wrote the entire thing in about 50 minutes flat. its got such a cool building vibe, to teh point that if I was to re-invent trance music, this is how it would sound! perfect way to break that first time back in pblic sweat & just ease people in to teh stoltz way... definatly a great "welcome to the life of an electro-monkey" peice! cant wait to show it off to you ya'l, coz ya gooona love it!

Prayer Beats - & so the mood suddenly changes.... this is always a challenging track, to play its a pig, & to experience its alot to swallow... but man is it worth the work! balls to teh walls dark breaks & horns all round, & "that vocal"

Miskin - I basically whipped into the sampler & sequencer JUST for my VJ, since he has a major hard on for dub-step, & this is quite duby... definatly a fun little swinger of a track with a cheeky groove, a nice easy exit from preyer beats to say teh least!

Egyptor  - this was always a fun track to play back in teh day, & it still seems really quite relivent even now! a very cool unique sounding peice... & (god forbid) I even break out a 4-to-the-floor beat! (get it while you can folks... thats a rarity!)

Thump Guage  - well, this one was always gonna be a no-brainer really, not particually fast (I seem to be hovering around that 130bpm-140bpm range of late), but this has all the eliments of a classic stoltz track, its ballsy, unique, aggressive, hip, a little quirky, with a switch-blade egde... will be alot of fun to play!

Drumth - Now, when I play live... some of the most fune eliments to do are the jam parts, where I have beats nsounds up on teh keys & I do away with the sequencer & just let it roll natrually... that WAS ment to the be case here, a total drum workout... but it kinda mutated into sumin a little grander... starts out pretty standard, but gets holyer than thou by the end of it, a great string melody tho!

War Rights - This IS one of my all time favourite peices! its not a particually complicated or intelligent track, but man does it have "that kick" to it. the horn sound ALWAYS sens shivers up my spine, as if sumin REAL mean from the distance is on its way to change shit for real! the live version seems to up that feel even more, & the new "Reality stack" section I added, just ooooozes cool! its only been played once ever... so will be nice to finally let this git out the basement to reek a little havoc ;)
Light Eater

Rave - Finally we have RAVE. this is a total slugfest of a track, you start flailing at the begining, & you dont stop till the cool break in the middle.... get ya breath back... then continue breaking shit! its way cool, & will be loads of fun as usual to unlesh it.

so... thats your lot for saturday! some of you may be wondering "wheres warder?" but I decided to give that eice a rest for a night & let the new guns out to play, test the fresh granades & see what kinda mess they make :-P to I'm sure warder will be back, along with snap ya (the epic that never lets up on me) & of course runst burn will be back at some point to make a calamity of shit....

so... see you all saturday! will be a fun night, with some cool atmosphere, even cooler people, & 1 happily over-worked grand master electro monkey!


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