cranking ear meat out of teh live machine 

haya guys, so blogging again for the upcoming gig

back in the REDroom working exclusively on stoltz again now, feels great! for the first time in TOOOO long I've been working on live material, with the upcoming may 22nd gig (see Stoltz Future for details) looming over my head hard, gotta put the hours in to prep! surfice to say gettingmy head back in that right place again was very difficult, its been distracted doing other things the last 21 months, & I havent quite fully stayed true to the live cause. that time is now over.

so... first thing I did was play about with a random drum beat I mashed up a few weeks back. I call it "drumth Jam" & theres a small 3 minute video on the news page & the Malgatude Movies page. its a fun litle peice, nothing too complicted tho I have updated the jam with ALOT more samples & added a cool little string section to wind it up a bit. that was a cool thing to warm the engine up other.

then I turned my attention to a live version of thump gauge, since its such a raw track & has that classic stoltz grump! that one has troubled me a little bit, as I've hed to really become inspired as to how I should approach it live. tho I have to say, even if I just play it in a carbon copied way to the current website version, it'll sound hard & fresh ;)

while playing around with thump gauge tho... I accidently stumbled on a really deep & thick sound I had previously programmed on the good old Yamaha AN1x (my 2nd oldest & most trusted synth). was REALLY nice & instantly got my mind working on how it could biuld with loads of other sounds... so I shut down thump guage & about 30 minutes later I had this HUGH building grumbling synth heavy peice, that grows momentum & then crashs through with a massive drum beat & come alive, gave me goose pimples & had me jumping round the room to it... always the ultimate hint that a tracks rumping! returned to it later that night & really locked it down in the sampler & on the AN1x, & now its almost ready to let rip live! people will love this one as its a slow builder, but really hooks you in. has kind of a big-beat sound with a trance style to it (tho only in effect, not sound... trance is shit boring!) the tracks called "Life of an anologue monster" & I full intend to open the gig with it... so look out for it!

then we have light eater... I wrote this about a year & a half ago, & was always sad that I never got a chance to play it out live (since I stoped playing live at that point, & didnt know if Id return). its a fucking monster, REALLY moody & heavy as a 9 ton git! not sure if may 2nd is teh right place for it, as its definatly 6 minutes of focused dark matter, tho I'm gonna play it anyways just to see if I can get everyone moody & stretch its legs GRRRRR. again if you check the Malgatude movies page you should find a cool video of me experimenting with it on there.

those will be the 4 NEW tracks to the live playlist I think, as I dont hink I'm gonna have enough time to really generate & produce anymore for this gig without sacrificing a needed amount of practice time. some other tracks I'm currently thinking of playing tho will be War Rights, as thats such a cool track (I really like the live version, ESPECIALLY through a chunky sound system). Egypter - sprint eidtion, this is such a cool version of teh song & reallt gets things moving, & possibly either Rave, or Prayer beats, (if you look, ou'll find versions of these tracks in the site player) but I guess I'll know more once I start really playing with the tracks again & see whats good & whats not.

anyways, REALLY looking forward to finally testing the music again in front of people, & firing up the hardware live-style! its always a total ruch when I play live, even if it goes wrong! LOL so with any luck, I should see you all from teh noisey side of the room alot over the coming summer!

end of meat

s (electro-monkey grand master)

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