7 webcams up ya mum

so.... just spent the last 2 days SLOGGING over a hot stove cooking up the new & improved stoltz VJ rig...haha

was a serious logitistical nightmare to organize, but finally managed to make all the new webcams stable within the system... we will now be rocking 7! yes thats correct 7! live webcams within the stoltz VJ rig from now on. that a WHOLE lot real-world video clips going on :)

also spent some time this weekend on the actual stoltz live rig. I've nealy sorted all the lagistics of the setup now, all 90% of teh audio cables are in place, the power distributers are locked, the flight case is fully loaded (running 2 A5000s, a mackie 1642 vlz PRO, a samson s-convert, & a mac powerbook G4). hoping the whole thing should be managble....

lastly, the 2nd episode for hand island has nw been released, I did all the audio editing, dubing, mixing, & 1 peice of music for (map music) go & check it out at www.handisland.com

I'm assisting (read - fixing all tech problums) the stoltz VJ at THEM 4 this friday, I'll take some pictures of the new rig in action & post it up

until then folks... night night!

p.s. I will actually be releasing & (gasp) writing some new music soon... so I will eventually be back in a musical capacity haha

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