New Musicy Sounds

Its been a while's, but belive it or not, some actual new Stoltz music most certainly in the works, with a definitive presentation soon. until the soon, the work continues in the dark. Check out the newly posted Insta-jams link

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So, I dug out a random little project from a while ago with my VJ, its a little Video we put together for Miskin cut from the many hours of VJ footage we took from gigs, enjoy :)


The Yearly Christmas REDroom Stint

As is a yearly tradition for me, spent a few hours in the studio today rustling up sumin stoltz'ish.

newest tunes player at the:- "Whats Left Over"

Meryy Christmas

S x

Stoltz does 4/4???

Been a small while since I've thrown anything up here (I assure I have been busy working away on things)

alas, here's a track I did a little while ago for the soundtrack for a sweet little short film…Read more