whats droped?

figured I'd knock out a quick blog, go over the newer tunes I've wacked up on the site (which can all be found in the sit eplayer below). & alas... it begins

Dance Planes (Studio Life Live) - This was a Live version performed in the studio by me & poo about a year & a bit ago. was a practice session during preperation for a gig, the track itself is a bit long & indulgent, but thats litrually whats so cool about it. when we played dance played dance planes, even in the studio just to ourselves, it was always kinda like a "reward" track, as compared to all the other stuff, it was alot more euphoric & up lifting than the other trouble rousing tracks we did. was very easy to get lost in it, especially while performing. for teh record, I do realize this was a long version, but it wasnt the longest! we once clocked in a 25 minute version (which only me & poo heard, as we were locked off from reality by headphones, like 2 people being connected in the same heavily hypnotized condition, was a very interesting experience).

Light Eater (suzdo 2) - I've been getting into the idea of experienting with dub-step alot lately. traditionally stoltz has always steered away from directly being locked into a particulat genre or scene (which has both its benifits, & also short comings) so this was a result of that experiementation. the tune is the bartsard child of a demo I did for an idea called "synth style" I ripped that project apart & pirated out certain eliments & it just natrually flowed from there. its sounda a bit basic, as its just a version 1 demo of loops performed with live mutes into nuendo, I'm sure the eventual final version will grow into something more complete & intricate, but for now I like its grumpy energy. plus I can never get enough of atmosperic drones! (will sound AWSOME winding off into a dark london club)

Nut Cracka (Live at Global Cafe) - audio mix down of the live performence from our first gig at the global cafe (see live video page for the vid) i always found it interesting to objectively select live recordings of tracks to present publicly, the critiria that it has to fullfill is drastically different from the usual studio peices & experiements. I always like it when the recording captures the atmosphere of the perforemence, even if it contains a few mistakes, as its all about the energy (which is what playing live is all about)

Prayer Beats (Live Jam) - this is one of those tracks thats kinda a labour of love. the potential this track is emence, & I've struggled with it greatly just to get this far. not because its hard to do, but theres so many directions you can take it, which shows that an idea has LONG legs. sometimes when tracks generate that many directions, it can be more of a hindrence than a help, as you know it has the potential to be 1 of those killer apps, so the responsibuility of reaching that potential can almost suficat the creative process itself. this is a live studio jam I did in prep for the last THEM gig I played, trying to find that particular "body" for the tune. I dint think its there by a long shot yet, but ut does have balls none the less :)

Roll Easteme (Featurette Live) - of all the versions this is probly the most complete & slick. has all the generations of tweeks & was simply lots of fun to perform! this was recorded in a TV studio department at the falmouth university, while shooting the featurette performences back in the summer of 07. that day was the culmination of 3 months HARD work, as I litrually had zero sleep for about 5 weeks running upto that, having to deal with almost every aspect of my studio falling apart while attempting to prep all the old tunes & the new tunes so they were ready in time (an example being that some of those tracks where so new, that we LITRUALLY were up till 4am the night before doing 2nd & 3rd proper rehersals of tracks, in a small unused bedroom in our buddys halls apartments... to which the police turned up!) teh day was long & exhuasting but was worth it, great tune. the video for this can be found in the featurette section.

Runst Burn (Live Studio Trashout) - during the summer of 06, I was playing & perfecting snap ya alot, the tune in its full form is epic & is almost a science in itself how intricate & deep it is. when we played it live, people always seemed like they'd gone on this mamouth musical journey, & were very tired afterwoulds. runst was made specifically to wake people up after that, as its last thing people expect after the synthonic wind down of snap ya. this is 1 of my all time fav examples of runsts chaos in full swing! its simple, VERY noisey, & unapologetic about what it really is... an instrumental swear word

Swicther (9INES Series) - The 9INES Series is easily 1 of my all time favourite & most proud creations. was the culmination of many hours pondering to how I could record detailed live performences in a way that could show exactly how much goes into a stoltz live show. when I eventually completed the concept it occured to me that the 9INES would be a great way to almost "say goodbye" to a few live tracks that would never be played live anymore, simply because they either werent right anymore, or that poo was leaving the band. so the 9INES became litrually a swon song for what I belived were awsome performences peices that I knew would be lost. so we captured final them in there final form so they'd always exist on some level or another (& a fitting level I belive too). Switcher is just plain cool. so I dumped it up on the player

Uber (denzorth) - this is another one of the newer tunes that I've been holding back. originally I wasnt gonna drop this at all until I played live next, but I wanted to release it in some way, as its a new slower sound for me, & also shows that things are actually moving on! UBER

Underfone (Live at the Rythem Factory 4-7-08) - Underfrone was always like our secret weapon when we played live, shit even as a studio peice it stands out like a kid on a pogo stick playing in a mine feild! NOTHING else out there sounds like underfrone, & playing it live was always the PUREST example of what stoltz is really all about... droping nukes on babys to take they're candy! it dosent fuck about, & it dosent relent. whenever we played it live, the track had that heavy vibe to it, & we had to kinda declare "ok audience, we're gonna play underfrone now, good luck, & we'll see those that make it on the other end!" poo's gone now, so I doubt it'll ever be played again. this is a great version of it in its final live form taken from the first THEM gig (the video is is the live videos section). 

Warder (Live at the Rythem Factory 4-7-08) - this is just a really big & complete version of Warder Live. taken from the same gig as the Underfrone live, performed at THEM 1 (video in the live videos section). 

well.... thats your lot for now, I've gone an all explained myself (are you satisfied?). will be finsihing hand island episode 2 in the next 2 days, so keep an eye out for that one folks "see you on the other side"


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