uber train ride 

ahhhhh the joys of technology today

seems like it wasnt but a month ago that I was chained in my featus like studio during its child like years, desperatly banging my head against the wall of technical limitation, attempting to pull proverbial technique gymnastics to even vein the hope of dragging the ideas out of my head & into a vaguely enjoyable state... & actually recorded somehow (ahhh how I romantasize the times I spent struggling with the ol akai S20 & a Casio accompanyment synth... heh)

the point being, things sure have moved on to the point that I'm able to sit on a train, & run what seems like an entire studios worth of synths & FX on just a laptop & a novation xstation, all ran off batterys, & then proceed to knock out tunes while john wisemen sits accross from me with an odd look on his face while he attempts to ignore the fact that I'm totally vibing out with a full on keyboard synth & laptop on a train... while he commutes to work heh

anyways, knocked out another newie that should find its way to the site in the next few eeks. keep an ear out for "uber". its dark, heavy, & sexy (in a torture the bank manager to rob a bank kinda way)


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