time for an overall check up with Dr Norman

haya guys. quite word-typing to let you all know I'm still about. convince some of you that I have been busy in some way or another LOL

so... what have I been uptoooooo????

well, a few months back, I volentered to assist a friend of a friends with a comedy hip hop track he wanted to put out, based on facebook. so I spent a good few weeks, produced umpteenth instrumentles & finally we agreed on a backing track for his vox. got the old snapper-wipper in the studio, shoved a rode infront of him, & off he went... vocalling away. anyways I just yestaday finsihed the track, which funnily enough is called "Facebook". The tunes uploaded to the "newest tracks" music player on the
front door page, check it out. also... if you DO have a facebook account (of which you'll enjoy it most hah) then copy this link into the status update "links" box, & the tune will post directly to your status for all ya buddys to here > http://stoltz.co.uk/files/Facebook.mp3

the majority of my winter so far has been taken up with scoring & editing the music & sound for the LONG awaited release of hand island episode four. the episode gave me a great oppertunity to dissimilate & ape 2 of my favourite scores, Aliens, & Terminator 2. the Aliens one was of particular interest to me, as the score for the first 3 films are actually on my daily playlist anyways, so I found it really interesting pulling it apart & braking down the different styles of sounds & how they were orchestraited. it was a very difficult thing to do with just midi programming but I managed to pull of a peice that I feel captures the feel of the film quite well (& it works great as a suportive peice to whats going on on screen). after that came the editing & mixing, of which myself & the editor have discovered some rather STRANGE bugs in final cut & its exporting of sound via OMF, & its inabuility to re-import mixdowns IN SYNC... slight proffessional OPPSIE there apple!... the episode itself was actually alot easier to edit this time round, using the external recorder on set (boss'd by myself obviously) was a real boon, as the sound I was able to achive off bored the camera was vastly supiror to the that of episodes 1-2-3. overall technically the episode is a marked improvement all round so I DEFINATLY recomend giving it a watch, & partically the aliens scene! (which I actually was the prop builder for also haha)

The episode can be watched in its entirity here
www.handisland.com - Episode four 

hummmmm... what else? well, tonight I got into a new track, this one is actually a full on underground dance peice akin to 98 DnB (with a typical stoltz original flavouring). its quite powerfull, has an angry ambient vibe to it, with some tribal eliments haha. I should finish it in a few days (when I'm not drunk) & will post it up on the site

well... thats all for now folks, Im due an emo bath! I hope you all have a charming new years 2010!

all the best

da sy (stoltz)

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