plastic decision

been a rough & tumble couple of days! tho its the kinda rough n tumble I dig ya feel me :)

the production crew I work with, entered into a 48 film competition, basically on friday (25th, sep) we were given a brief of a genre, a prop, a charecter with a name, & a line of dialogue, to which we were then charged to make a complete 4-7 minute short film, within the space of 48 hours, & hand it back in sunday the 27th at 7.30pm.

was a hectric ride, a group of us met until 1am saturday morning, then a writing team (the guys behind hand island) stayed up all night writing a script. 8am saturday morning the crew & cast conviened as our project managers house, & we went to work hard filming all day & night till 12 o'clock. I myself was lead boom operator & sound recordist, preping all sound design dutys for the short film. While filming was taking place, between shots & lighting setups I bevered away on a (pretty useless) casio auto accompanyment keyboard, writing the notation for the score.

I was back in the REDroom by 12.30 recording the score & was finished by about 3am. while I grabed a few hours kip (& rested my ears... very important) the guys stayed up all night editing the peice together. By 10am the guys droped the edited film over to me, so I could edit all the sound, design any special effects, & lay the score tracks on the peice, ready for final mixing. this was all done by 4.30pm, where a final render was very quickly spazed out (after a few sync hicups) & then at 5.30 2 seperate teams set off with final burnt copies of the film, desperatly scraping they're way to london to try & turn the short in on time. just when time was running out, the DOP & lead writer litrually had to jump out of our producer/AD's car & SPRINT the last mile to the drop point in the center of london... we made it in at 7.29pm

we're now offically entered into the 48 hour film, with a charming & fun little peice called "364 days later", to which I did all the on set boom recording, completed original score, sound design, editing & mix down, all within the 48 hour time period.  keep an ear & eye for news on how we fair in the competition... :)

as a quick additional, I awoke VERY late today (after a well deserved mooga sleep) & decided to spend the afternoon poking about on some soft synths (in a very infocused maner I must say hah). I ended up knocking out a score like track that sounds quite cool, its called "Metal Decision" & is availible on the sites player now for listening. give it a play, you may enjoy :)

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