one of those other days

well, I'd have to say that so far this year I've been very unfocused in the studio. the tasks I've wanted to do have all but turned me off, & the new fresh ideas have completely ignored me (well, feels more like I've ignored them... until they all went away)

last couple of weeks especially, I've found it very hard to motivate myself in the studio, & really dig into being creative. I'm not sure why (well, actually I have a few good ideas why heh) but the end game was that I simply had stoped being productive

so... onto to today.

I woke up & spent a no. of hours flabergasting myself deep into the inerds of the waldorf microwave XT. when I first heard about this synth I instantly dissmissed it as an over priced under spec'd orange fad. I did alot of reading about it though. a couple of years back poo asked me for my opinion a synth that would enable constantly evolving & moving pads & textures... to which I recomended the microwave XT. about 8 months later & poo brought one, & to my suprise... it wasnt "just a pad machine" the thing sounded like a fucking sonic chainsaw! anyways... for whatever reasons (poo became obbsessed & upgraded to the XTk) I ended up with the rack XT. now I loved the sound of this synth, but it wasnt highest on my most interesting hardware, & so it kinda became taken for granted (see:- I never used the dam thing). anyways... recently poo decided to sell his XTk (gasp!) which I thought was a tramenduss shame, so I vowed to use XT & learn to understand why it sounds the way it sounds. & today I did that :) 
This thing in a mini synth gorrilla! it can do some VERY unusual things & the sounds that can be coaxed from its DA's are unlike anything out there (hardware & software!)

anyways... cut a long story short, today I ploughed through 2 completely brand new tracks & preped some more stuff for v2 of teh convergence score. the REDrooms pumping pretty hard atm, & all in all I'm feeling rather psych'd about making music again!

case in point was the new track added to the site player today. was just a quick demo but still sounds cool, look out for "forth life (one)" & ye shall begin the hearings

you'll be hearing more from me soon!

sy (stoltz)

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