been up2 loads lately, some you will all see, some you wont hehe. Last few days have been spent in teh RED room finishing writing & production dutys on the score for hand island Episode 3, about 30 minutes ago I litrually finished my OST lock, & it all sounds fucking cool! theres alot that has gone into this episode, each 1 seems to provide a particular set of challenges, butĀ overall the 3rd episode is really the best so far, I'm really happy with it! next couple of days will be spent doing the actual sound edit on the episode, & then the big luvely 1 will initiate the countdown to its release (he's promised me that the hand boys will ACTUALLY promote the release this time, instead of just flopping it out in public.... never much tact or excitement in that action to attention.....)

I accidently stumbled accross a rather nice beat aswel, drenched in groove, could lead to a pretty fucking COOL new stoltz track in the coming weeks, so watch this space.

well... thats all for now! me & ash will be VJing tonight at THEM 5, check the stoltz calender for details


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