how I missed that knob

earlier, my very kind cusin (alex) popped over & helped me with a little repair (with advice from a wonderfull fellow on the AN forum). we re-soldered a joint to a dead encoder pot on my Yamaha AN1x (the feared "dead pot 4")

success! I ALWAYS loved the yamaha AN1x, but about 6 years ago knob no.4 basically stoped working & made programming it a REAL pain. so I havent been able to really climb inside it properly for a long long time now.

now... its working again WONDERFULLY & I really did miss how that synth sounds & its warmth & grit.

past that, nearly finished now with the episode one score & mixing. show should be up in about a week & bit for everyone to enjoy! looking forward to it!

keep an eye on the site, we got LOADS coming folks :)

see ya'all soon


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