completey the completors

so, hand island episode ONE is now finally out & about! - - Episode ONE "fucked"

its great, & we're all really proud of it, looks good, sounds fantastic (obviously!) & is already getting lots of love from all over!

this week for me so far has been spent obbsessing over the 9INES series. its been a special idea in my mind for a long time now, seemed like such a cool thing to do, but struck me as odd as to why no1 had done it before??? technically they're a bit of a nightmare to produce (ESPECIALLY to shoot), & editing them together takes quite a bit of media juggling, but now I'm only 1 mixdown & 1 camera corner left from totally completing the whole series, & I REALLY cant be more proud of them, they're SERIOUSLY cool! I really challenge ANYONE not to be totally impressed by them, theres sooo much going on  & really shows how much work & skill goes into every perforemce we do. I'm particually impressed with the VJ stream that people really get to see properly for the first time, as while ash did a great job in the last few gigs last year, we only ever play out a handfull of times, so he really hasnt had much time to mature into the art of VJ'ing, especially considering all the tools we set him with to use (everything is midi controlled with knobs, sliders, touch pads etc, to really bring it all to life) 

anyways, please pop along to the 9INES page on january 31st & see them for yourself, they're WELL worth it!

roll on the uber!


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