chasing rhinos with a flick knife

had a really cool meeting on wednesday with the best venue/promoter I've ever delt with. usually when I talk to those guys they really dont have a clue what stoltz is or how to present it, so quite stupidly, alot of promoters/venue's pass up on stoltz gigs. I really dont know why or how they're imagination cant see past "rock band" or "Drum and Bass DJ"... its not hard to grasp that someone might make & perform music live without a guitar, or do electronic music that dosent culminate in a DJ "playing back" tracks to people (which lets face it, thats all a DJ does at its basic level). So for once it was nice to deal with a guy that was actually saying he wanted to put on interesting new music that wasnt just genre specific & will help grow the scene, which is exactly what I'm all about!

that led me to today, which will quite litrually be my first forey back into full on stoltz live prep. last night I was in the studio screwing around with my current live rig toys & was looking to translate light eater into a live track. It came out sounding awsome! the energy the track was giving off & the weight of it was very very cool! so today I'm gonna be in there, the samplers fired up, the effects buzzing & the drum machines wizzing away, & will compress down a complete version of light eater into the rig ready to be played.

keep an eye out as I'll be hankering after some actual gigs now, & when they pop up, make sure you come along, as you wont regret it!

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