"ahhh diddums"


figured I'd slim on over & just show people that Im actually STILL alive (in 1 capacity or another)

not a whole lot of news to put out at the mo, my creative work output has been at an all time low recently, due mostly to the fact that my studios production machine was hit with a virus & caught fire (well... near as dam it). so quite litrually the studios been in tatters the for well over 8 weeks as I've been pulling my hair out trying to fix it & just make some fucking music again!

well, at the moment... it seems the current instal of everything is holding up & working (thank GOD!) so I'm starting to chip into things again!

offically gonna start the final audio edit & scoring of hand island episode three tomorow (this episodes gonna be loads of fun to watch) past that... have a rather little score to finish for a short shot in new york city (ferran films) which sounds very promising

finally... I should hopefully ACTUALLY start knocking out some tunes again PROPER heh, get the wheels turning & do what I('m ment to)do!

will probly start with some gear videos & a cool live jam on my new EMX1 (its litrually a 1-stop shop dub-step box hah)

&........ well....... not to promise too much, but I may eventually get out there & play a live gig or 2 before the years out hah (its becoming a scary rarity)

its been a shit & un'stoltz like few months...... but remember folks "rubbings racing"

see ya soon


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